New innovative Labium, bore improvements, easier high notes and less demanding to play.
Adriana’s outdated Eagle models, are sold by Küng under the name E3 with a voicing made by Küng and not by her.


Eagle Classic in f' with e' foot extension

  • Grenadilla
  • Grand orchestral sound
  • With bronze streaming labium
  • Easier and silvery high notes and more dynamics
  • Solid key system for strong low e', f', and f#'
  • Range 2½ octaves, from e' to c''' (soprano range!)
  • A = 443Hz

  • Voicing adjusted to your breathing type
  • Adjustable octave/piano key, ergonomically placed finger holes
  • Wide bore for a big sound, compatible with modern instruments
  • Delivery time is approx. 4 month

Eagles commonly fly alone - Soprano's Lament - Dan Laurin

Sonata nr 3 - Heinrich Biber (1644 - 1704) - Piers Adams

Franz Joseph Haydn - Flute Quartet in D, op. 5 no. 1 - Adagio - Bassano Quartet

€ 1900,-